Ranking and raw data are an integral aspect of modern digital marketing. It is used to understand target audiences, set good targeting parameters, determine audience preferences and trends, and create good content. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get access to raw ranking data generated by your website. While you can use tools like Google Analytics to get some information, you need a platform that provides more comprehensive and accurate results. Rank reporting software from RankTrack does just that.

The benefits of using rank reporting software

When you initiate marketing campaigns like SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc, you need to check if they’re successful and provide the results you need. The best way to check that is by monitoring your ranking and performance online. A great rank reporting software will monitor all your website activities and interactions, and provide comprehensive reports. Here are some of the best benefits of using rank reporting software:

  • Tracking all relevant metrics – You can keep an eye on all metrics relevant to your campaign and customise your reporting. This means you don’t need to sort through scores of irrelevant data in order to find the information you need to improve your campaigns. You can simply choose to study metric that apply to your campaign and disregard all other data collected by the ranking software.
  • Local and global – If your business operates in the local sphere, you need information about local customers and interactions. If your business has global influence, you need information regarding your global customers and interactions. This platform gives you the option to choose the locations most relevant to your search. For example, if your business only operates in the NSW area, you can narrow down your monitoring parameters to that specific location and exclude data from outside that location. However, if you work in both Australian and New Zealand markets, you can reset the parameters to work from both countries.
  • Access it from anywhere – You can access the information generated by this software from any location in the world as long as you have access to the internet. This software is cloud based and adapted to work well on all platforms. You can access the information on your laptop as well as you mobile phone, which makes it very user-friendly and efficient.
  • Local rankings – You can track your local Google rankings and keep an eye on your position on the search engine results pages. This ranking ensures you’re visible on the search platform. If you’re ranking moves upward, you gain more visibility and get more traffic to your website. If your ranking slips, you need to check your SEO campaigns and determine what went wrong. This software program helps you keep track of your local rankings and provides you with current data.

If you don’t monitor your rankings and your website activity, you won’t be able to keep track of your marketing campaigns or improve them if needed. That can have an impact on your business and compromise your marketing goals. Effective ranking reporting software can help you avoid the problem.