Digital Marketing Dashboard

Drag and drop custom widgets on a mobile friendly digital marketing dashboard

Immediate, Essential Information

The RankTrack dashboard gives you all of the campaign’s essential information in a quick glance. You no longer have to switch between different marketing dashboard software to see how your campaigns are performing.

Easy to add widget system

Completely Customizable

Choose the metrics that matter most to your campaign. What are the most important metrics to you? Traffic? Sales? We offer hundreds of permutations between the metrics so you can find the perfect fit for your digital marketing dashboard.

Employee Management

Create a login for your staff and clients and assign them campaigns only they can access. Empower employees with the tools they need, but limit them to their accounts. Use the task management system to delegate work to your staff with ease on one agency dashboard.

SEO Tools

Unlike other marketing dashboards, we have SEO tools built in to our system. With our rank tracker, SEO audit tool and backlink monitor you can build full SEO Dashboards in minutes. Integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console to get the complete picture behind your SEO campaigns.  Become the DIY pro with RankTrack – or keep your marketing agency accountable with excellent SEO reporting and tools.