AdWords & PPC Reporting Tool

Integrate the channels you need and build full AdWords reports in minutes

360° View

RankTrack integrates the PPC sources you need: Adwords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Call Rail & Call Tracking Metrics. Don’t waste time switching through tools and making spreadsheets by hand, we’re the only PPC reporting tool you need.


Don’t overwhelm yourself. Give yourself numbers which actually matter and help your bottom line. Our simple layout allows you to provide a visually appealing analytics dashboard and reporting platform that’s easy to understand.

Integrated Web Analytics

Google Analytics

Display behavioral metrics like visits, page views, time on site, bounce rate to demonstrate periodic changes and optimizations. Monitor marketing objectives through conversions: ecommerce sales, form fills, email collection.

Gain Insights and Monitor PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords

Stay organized and focus on results. Our PPC reporting tool can help you identify the keywords that are converting to sales and the keywords that are wasting money. Monitor spend across all of your campaigns to ensure you’re pacing properly.

Phone Leads

Track Call Conversions

Analyze the performance of your clients advertising campaigns by measuring which sources are converting to phone leads. View specific call information including location, name and even listen to a recording of the call. We integrate CallRail and CallTrackingMetrics.

Report on Your Social PPC spend

Facebook Ads

Easily report on Facebook ads you’re running. Break it down by campaign, ad sets or ads. Pick and choose what metrics you want to show: clicks, impressions, CTR, conversions, etc. We have everything you need to automate your ppc reporting.