SEO Audit Tool

Automatically discover website issues and track progress with weekly and monthly updates

Technical SEO Made Easy

Analyze your website and pinpoint SEO errors in an easy to read format. It gives you the ability to prioritize and tackle the common problems that plague websites.

Track Your Progress

Our SEO audit tool will crawl your website weekly or monthly. This way you can track your progress over time and reveal how many issues you’ve corrected.  Clearly and easily track your progress.

Uncover SEO Opportunities

In-Depth Audits

Analyze, discover and eliminate common website issues impacting your SEO efforts. Easily discover tedious issues like 404 errors, duplicate content and broken images. A total of 44 issues are checked automatically. Eliminating these issues is an easy first step to improving your organic search presence.

Build SEO Reports in Seconds

Win New Clients with our SEO Audit Tool

Approach prospective customers with a thorough SEO audit of their website. Create a detailed report outlining the failures associated with their website and use this information to support your sales pitch. Win over new clients using this simple technique to outline what you can do to improve their SEO.