When you hire a marketing company, you expect them to spend your money wisely and keep an eye on all your marketing campaigns. Most marketing companies live up to what they promise and deliver satisfactory results, especially if you choose the right company. Unfortunately, some companies can become lazy and fail to maintain good standards of service.

Small business owners rely on marketing companies and professionals to provide them with honest and accurate information so they don’t double check the results and that can create problems down the line. Programs like RankTrack help you keep an eye on your marketing campaigns and ensure your marketing company continues to provide the quality of services you expect them to. Here’s how the software can help:

1. It keeps track of overall SEO performance

SEO is one of the most complex and time-consuming marketing strategies available today and most business owners don’t fully understand how it works. They just assume that SEO involves content, keywords, and backlinks. This marketing strategy is actually much more complicated than that and the overall impact of the strategy isn’t easy to track without access to the right tools. RankTrack helps you keep track of your website rankings and allows you to conduct an in-depth SEO audit so you can understand just how successful your campaigns are.

2. Paid ad campaigns

Paid ads on social media and search engines are the biggest drain on your marketing budget. The best paid add campaigns have high click rate, conversation rate, and bring in more traffic to your website. Poorly planned paid ads have a high bounce rate and bring research traffic instead of converting traffic, which can be a drain on your resources. RankTrack allows you to keep an eye on these ads to ensure the marketers aren’t wasting your money on campaigns that don’t perform well.

3. White hat SEO

Search engines have become stricter and more sophisticated over time and companies like Google and Bing enforce their rules at the slightest provocation. Their carefully designed algorithms monitor the content of all websites to ensure no one violates the terms and conditions. This means you can’t have copied content, keyword stuffing, purchased backlinks, and other such red hat techniques. Some marketers are tempted to take shortcuts and use red hat techniques just to provide their clients with quick results. The backlink monitor along with the SEO audit will help you monitor the campaigns and check if the marketers use only white hat techniques.

4. Consider the rankings

This tool will allow you to monitor your website ranking and provide current status updates. You can check your ranking daily to determine if the marketing campaigns are effective. You can call the marketing company and discuss the campaign strategies if you see no changes in ranking over a few months’ time. You can also call if you see your ranking slip from its previous position.

This platform gives you more control over your overall marketing campaign and ensures you have a better understanding of your ongoing campaigns. That gives you the power to hold your marking company accountable for their job.